Monday, December 21, 2009

Let`s Go

You`ve gotta be extra careful,
With the things nearest to you,
You know the closer you get to something,
The tougher it is to see it.

Explain to me the happiness,
That you just got to experience,
Or maybe you`re so blessed,
That you can`t even remember?

That you stand here now,
That you live and breathe,
They`re all little miracles,
Just by themselves.

And i`ll never take it for granted,
I`ts fine to say “Never give up.”
And “Keep chasing your dreams.”
But the more time you spend talking big.

The less you get down,
I`ll press that handful of courage against my heart,
And with it`s help, survive another day,
And i`ll never take it for granted,
Let`s go…..

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